Bathroom suites
Rolltop baths
Vanity Units
Chip repairs

Bathroom suite

Worn or coloured suites can spoil the look of your bathroom, why not have it resurfaced in white.


This can be done in situ without the need for plumbers and tilers and for a fraction of the cost of replacement. The whole suite can normally be resurfaced in a day so the bathroom is out of action for less than 24 hours.


Even white suites can become discoloured with age, limescale or by leaking taps. Shower cubicles can become blackened with mould, this can be resolved by resurfacing the shower tray and tiles. The specially developed product can be colour matched to suit your requirements or to match your current suite.


Rolltop bath

Due to the age of rolltop baths the enamel surface can break down making it look unsightly and hard to clean.


A new surface can be applied to the bath in situ or at our workshop that will give the bath a brilliant white gloss finish. Any rust or pitting can be repaired so the bath will be as smooth as when it was cast. The outside of the bath can be resurfaced to match the bath, a contrast colour or even one of the stone effects. The baths feet can be colour matched or chromed for a modern look.




As baths and basins, toilets can be renovated and transformed by Ace Surfaces as per our customer requirements.



Updating your bathroom suite or shower cubicle often means replacing your wall tiles too.


Replacement is expensive, time consuming as well as messy. Tiles can become cracked or crazed with age and grout lines stained.

Ace Surfaces can repair and resurface your tiles to any plain colour or a stone effect. As a result of the process grout lines are completely sealed, making your tiled area less prone to mould or mildew, which often gets trapped in exposed grout. The resurfaced area not only looks like new but is much easier to clean.


Vanity Units

Ace Surfaces can professionally resurface your existing out of date bathroom vanity units with a smooth, durable semi-gloss finish that looks beautiful and stylish whilst being non-porous making it very easy to clean.


Our tough, durable finishes are impact, scuff and scratch resistant and meet or exceed the original specification for stain and acid resistance. Our market leading products are available in a range of stone effects or can be matched to any plain colour.


Chip Repairs

Sanitary ware can become chipped or damaged in any number of ways leaving the piece looking unsightly and unhygienic.


Our technician can repair the damage before colour matching our specialist product to produce an invisible repair. Chip repairs can be carried out on ceramic, enamelled steel or cast iron, fibreglass or composite materials. Many cracks and even small holes can be repaired using this technique saving thousands on replacing baths and shower trays.




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