Glas-Tec 9000TM Is currently being used within the UK with Local housing authorities, 5 star hotels, schools, care homes, leisure centres, estate agents and landlords.


Why ??

Because of its reputation for quality and performance on all types of applications.



Recent Projects that have been carried out:


  • ReSurfaced and Applied Anti Slip Treatment to 80 Bathrooms in 5 Star hotel

  • StonefleckTM applied to Leisure centre walls

  • Repaired and Resurfaced School toilet block

  • Local Council Upgrade program to Resurface baths & sinks.

  • Repairs for local builders , damaged caused to new bath on fitting.

  • Anti Slip flooring treatment to ceramic tiles in large restaurant.


New construction:


Even brand new baths meet with accidents resulting in unsightly black marks. Through our special colour matching and chip repair process, we can repair this kind of damage.


Surfaces We Repair: click here

  • Ceramic

  • Fibreglass

  • Acrylic

  • Porcelain

  • Formica / Laminate / Corian / Marble Worktops


During the construction process it is common for newly installed porcelain fixtures to be chipped or stained. Fibreglass units can be scratched, cracked or structurally damaged. Colours are matched at the onsite to ensure a quality repair.


Professional bath repairs utilizing our highest quality coatings are made to last a long time. The repair process works on porcelain, and Fibreglass, ceramic or acrylic surfaces.


Our experienced technicians can be depended upon to complete all repairs to your satisfaction.


Ace Surfaces offers the home owner a quick, low cost, and dependable repair service to solve these problems. Our chip or stain repair compounds work on porcelain, acrylic, or fibreglass surfaces. Stained , Chipped or just badly scratched Formica / Laminate / Corian / Marble Worktops can all be repaired looking as good as new. Without that huge replacement cost.


Time Saved, Revenue Increased, and Cost saving 70% plus and Environmentally Friendly.




Ace Surfaces' is committed to serving the hospitality and property management industry as well as schools, factories and all commercial concerns. We are just a phone call or email away.


Whether it's repairing fixtures in a single unit or resurfacing a thousand baths, Ace Surfaces goal is to have guest rooms, apartments or any facilities back into service as soon as possible, while upholding our standard of quality workmanship.

Hotel, and commercial clients particularly appreciate the minimum disruption, 24-hour return to service and easy maintenance.


Ace Surfaces

delivers a quality performance on all types of applications with property professionals, & general contractors on commercial, government, and residential projects.